Liability Product Manager

What are the main focus areas for Liability Product Manager?

  • Develop the best liability products for our customers’ needs, bring them to market and improve customer experience.
  • Take full ownership of product development process and lead it via close collaboration with stakeholders and other partners.
  • Describe risk factors, analyse them and improve pricing.
  • Create liability products’ insurance terms and conditions and underwriting guidelines.
  • Deliver product targets based on Company's short term and long terms targets.
  • Consult sales organization on product details and risk underwriting.
  • Organize product trainings for sales and claims personnel.
  • Participate in local and Baltic projects for improving Product and Underwriting units’ processes.

What skills and experience we expect candidates to have?

  • Desire to develop and improve is the most important!
  • Genuine interest in customers’ needs and good knowledge of insurance business.
  • Ability to work in dynamic environment and keep business focus.
  • Analytical thinking and result orientation.
  • Fluency in Lithuanian and English languages.
  • University degree in Legal area or good practical knowledge of liability insurance.

And last, but not least – why this position could be interesting for you?

  • You will be surrounded by friendly supportive and professional Commercial Property Department in Product & Underwriting Unit. You would work independently, but you would not be alone!
  • You will have great opportunity to develop and offer for our commercial customers specific products what are very demanded in market today. As customers are working in different industrial fields then you will learn a lot regarding their specific needs and risks.
  • You will have great opportunity to learn from Baltic and Nordic colleagues.
  • You can make significant impact for If and for our customers.

Working place: Vilnius.

Suggested monthly salary is 3500 – 4000 € gross. The specific salary offered to the selected candidate will be based on his/her skills and competences. The monthly salary is only one component of the remuneration – the benefits package (health and accident insurance for employees working >1 year, various one-time payments for important family events, compensation for ergonomic home-office, etc.) and the variable compensation are subject to the If Remuneration Policy.


We'll inform only selected candidates. Confidentiality is guaranteed.